About GC

KathyGC-portraits-1I am a versatile painter who works in acrylics and watercolors. I bring to my work a unique combination of elements—originality, artistic, personal, and professional. My art is heavily influenced by 1900 French impressionism in their use of color and line. My paintings are intended to spark memories and emotion to the viewer’s mind of things that they have seen or felt in their life.

Originally from Ogden Utah, I was educated as an illustrator/graphic designer at the Washington School of Art (LA Art Institute). I also hold a BS in small business management. My 30+ years of study, experience and technique experimentation in the art field led to the development of my signature style.

In 2000, I discovered that I could use my computer and software as a paint brush to create original art. Using my computer as a brush is an ideal way for expressing how I see my world. Using the application of layers, and blending pigment/pixels & textures into one another—the image can literally be created in the computer. These computer generated images are then placed on a variety of surfaces (paper, canvas, cloth, or metal). Once applied to a surface, I finish it with more strokes and colors. Each piece “speaks for itself” and when seen in the context of my background, ideas, and nontraditional technique—my paintings and art indicate a breadth & depth to my work.