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  • Another Nod of Excellence

  • I apologize for not keeping up with our blog - inbetween life, the universe & everything.... something had to give & I guess this was it. Of course, I keep up with my facebook postings - but putting thoughts down on "paper" just doesn't get the attenti[...]
  • Reviving the Creative Conversation

  • Back in January, the excuse for not contributing to our blog was I was busy - and then 6 months goes by, my conscious is "yakking at me"... you're not writing anything – not even sending out an e-newsletter... why? I guess - there is no excuse. So - let's revi[...]
  • 1st National Juried Photography Show

  • What an exhausting day. Really a day of excitment—the 1st National Juried Photography show was hung today at the Workhouse Arts Center. I was joined by my fellow photogs, Carol & Ed (w/ his wife, Marti & their friend Sue) to hang 68 pieces of striking [...]
  • Photography & Illustration....

  • Photography & illustration are really important to us—photography for Kathy, illustration/painting for GC. If we had our way, we would be living off our passions (hint, hint). But, in the meantime, here are some of the goings on for us:Guerilla Art Show.GC[...]