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Marla's painting
I’m excited to share my latest painting commission… a friend reached out when her pup, Marla passed away during COVID-19… I have done numerous creative projects for them over the years (family photography, senior portraits & paintings)… she knew that I would be able to capture Marla in her favorite element… sunning herself & smelling
How to use “self-isolation” as a tool for personal growth! Now that you’re prepped for “self-isolation” and you have enough toilet paper, junk food and wine to host Coachella in your backyard (but you can’t actually invite anyone over!) WTF are you going to do with all of your extra time? Here’s a few ideas to
Two months ago I was contacted by a gentleman who wanted to commission a painted portrait. I told him that we had experience doing that type of work and we would love to talk to him about his request. What we didn’t know was that the commission request was to create a painting of his
Thursday, 22 August 2019 / Published in art, creativity, painting
Covenant Mural
This past spring we were given the opportunity to create a custom mural for the new education building for Covenant United Methodist Church in Greer, SC. This mural honored a very special young lady from their congregation—she unfortunately passed away due to childhood cancer. Knowing this young lady’s background & her love for her church