Reliving My Past… or I Should Say – Clearing the Dust

Over the past couple of weeks my husband has been nagging me to go through our daughter’s old room & […]

To Spec or Not to Spec – that is the question

Many times we’ll see jobs posted that ask us to come up with a design spec for a project even […]

What to Look for When Hiring a Designer

When looking to hire a designer for your next project, a team, your company, whatever your creative/communication needs are… you […]

Reviving the Creative Conversation

Back in January, the excuse for not contributing to our blog was I was busy – and then 6 months […]

Two-sided Creativity

For a long time we’ve been telling people all about our business & our talents. They know that GC & […]

ideas rolling in my head…

I’ve been thinking to myself that when I decided to start writing a blog, it was a gut wrenching idea. […]

deadlines & creativity….

just simple post this evening… wait – it’s morning! why is it that everytime there is a deadline, the creative […]

Spinning the Creative Web…

About a year ago, I decided that we would join the blogosphere world. At that time, it was a well-meaning […]