Debbie’s Personal Branding Session

I’ve been doing photography for a while now—but haven’t jumped into the latest “rage” of doing personal brand photography until […]

Come With Us! Storytelling with Photography Cruise to Bermuda

It’s never too early to start planning your summer vacation. Why not join us on a very special cruise from […]

To Spec or Not to Spec – that is the question

Many times we’ll see jobs posted that ask us to come up with a design spec for a project even […]

Success & Marketing

I do alot of reading or investigating of what to do to market our business & our clients. There seems […]

new ideas… staying positive

Today was an interesting process. When I say process, I actually mean working a process to my day. I’m working […]

deadlines & creativity….

just simple post this evening… wait – it’s morning! why is it that everytime there is a deadline, the creative […]