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  • To Spec or Not to Spec - that is the question

  • Many times we'll see jobs posted that ask us to come up with a design spec for a project even before the client agrees to pay us or even hire us. We know that this is a growing practice & can be a major bone of contention within the design community. The f[...]
  • Success & Marketing

  • I do alot of reading or investigating of what to do to market our business & our clients. There seems to be a continuous tone to the messages I see. This is..... don't stop advertising, marketing, or keeping your face (personal & business) out there. T[...]
  • new ideas... staying positive

  • Today was an interesting process. When I say process, I actually mean working a process to my day. I'm working on being positive - very, very positive. I'm finding creative ways to focus myself - to stay present in the moment & actually manifesting the rea[...]
  • deadlines & creativity....

  • just simple post this evening... wait - it's morning! why is it that everytime there is a deadline, the creative juices either dry up or start flowing? brings back some fun memories of college when i would wait until the last possible moment to come up with a [...]